GIN Fuse 3
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마법의 손길

GIN Fuse 3
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더 좋아진 Fuse 3

GIN Gingo 4
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Gingo 4세계 최고의 두가지 기능

GIN Yeti 5
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Yeti tandem 3 – Light tandem paraglider
Calypso logo Calypso logo

가볍게 떠나는 여행

Yeti UL - planar rescue parachute
Yeti UL logo

Our lightest and most compact rescue ever

Genie Lite 3 – XC comfort

전형적인 XC 하네스

신규 품목


특집 뉴스

GIN history: Flying the Nasca lines

In 2005, the GIN Team took a rare break from R&D and competition flying to travel to Peru. The trip took them from Lima city to the beaches of Paracas and the mountains of Cusco. The film of the experience was previously released on DVD and is now officially available online.

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Tim Bollinger is Swiss Champion 2020

GIN test pilot Tim Bollinger has won the Swiss Open 2020 in Fiesch flying a Boomerang 12 RFC.

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From the archives: Jordan by paramotor

In 2018, GIN paramotor team pilot Dan Burton discovered some of the possibilies of Jordan as an adventure and cultural destination. With the possibility of a return on the horizon, here's a lookback on the original story.

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Safety notice: Gingo Airlite 4 / Verso 3

Owners of Gingo Airlite 4 or Verso 3 should read this important safety notice

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Which low EN B wing?

Considering a "low EN B" wing? This article has some handy tips.

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Michael Sigel wins XContest 2019

Michael Sigel has won the worldwide XContest (Open Class) for the second year running. 

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2인승 파라모터 글라이더 Condor, 472.5kg 인증

Condor의 2가지 사이즈 기체가 모두 DGAC로 부터 매우 높은 최대 하중 인증을 획득하였습니다. Condor 37은 DGAC 최대 하중 430kg로 인증 받았고, Condor 41은 DGAC 최대 하중 472.5kg로 인증 완료되었습니다.

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