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A new paradigm

The Bonanza 3 offers a whole new world of flying. Performance and speed has never been so accessible.

The Bonanza 3 is our new 2 liner Sports Class wing for XC pilots featuring our Wave Leading Edge Technology, inspired by the tubercles of the humpback whale. The delaying of the separation point at high angles of attack increases aerodynamic efficiency — meaning you climb faster and with more control.


サイズ XXS XS S M L
展開面積 (m2) 19.53 21.20 23.00 24.88 26.90
展開スパン (m) 11.09 11.56 12.04 12.52 13.02
展開アスペクト 6.3 6.3 6.3 6.3 6.3
投影面積 (m2) 16.58 17.99 19.52 21.11 22.83
投影スパン (m) 8.93 9.31 9.69 10.08 10.48
投影アスペクト 4.81 4.81 4.81 4.81 4.81
Chord (m) 2.14 2.27 2.32 2.41 2.51
セル数 65 65 65 65 65
機体重量 (kg) 4.3 4.5 4.75 5.15 5.55
飛行重量 (kg) 60-75 75-90 85-100 95-110 105-125
Ideal weight (kg) 63-73 78-88 88-98 98-108 110-123

The Wave Leading Edge comes to sports class

The Bonanza 3 marks the introduction of our Wave Leading Edge technology to sports class pilots. Inspired by the tubercles of the humpback whale, the technology has been realised in paragliders through the “GIN LAB”, a wind tunnel project run by Gin Gliders in collaboration with Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology in South Korea. The technology has already been well proven in competition and record XC flights.

Fast and easy climbing

One key benefit of the Wave Leading Edge is the increased efficiency at high angles of attack. The delaying of the separation point results in increased low speed control authority and performance in the climb. The wing is quite simple to turn just using inside brake and doesn’t require any special techniques.

True glide performance

Much of the Bonanza 3’s performance advantage comes from the way it cuts through the turbulence and takes the takes the lift on glides. Naturally as a 2 liner, it’s also very efficient on the speed bar.

Solid as a rock

Due to the high spanwise tension, the Bonanza 3 is more collapse resistant than the Bonanza 2, especially at speed. The solidity of wing provides excellent information about the air, allowing you to maximise your performance and enjoyment.

Just let it go

The Bonanza 3 will sniff out lifty lines and thermals. There’s no need to work hard controlling the wing, gentle guiding with the rear risers will usually be enough. The wing offers just the right amount of feedback to enable you to follow even the smallest and most elusive of thermal cores.


Designer Gin Seok Song explains the concept behind the Bonanza 3

“The design goal was not to push to the absolute limits of the “C” category, but to make a real XC wing that would be a natural successor to the Bonanza 2. It was also important to consider pilots progressing from high B wings like the Explorer series. By realising the Bonanza 3 as a 2 liner and with the Wave Leading Edge technology from the Boomerang 12, we were actually able to reduce the aspect ratio slightly, which makes the wing nicer to fly and more accessible. Of course, to fly this wing pilots still need to be well-practiced in active recovery techniques for 2 liners."



  • Optimized profile with Equalized Pressure Technology (EPT) for stability and performance
  • 2 risers for true rear riser steering
  • Speed system with Harken pulleys
  • Unsheathed aramid lines with optimized diameters
  • Mini-ribs on the trailing edge
  • Gathering (reefing) system on the trailing edge
  • Semi-light Myungjin and light Porcher fabrics selected for ideal compromise between durability and light weight



アッパーサーフェースリーディングエッジ: Myungjin MJ40 MF

アッパーサーフェース:: Myungjin MJ32 MF

Lower surface: Porcher Skytex, 27 g/m²


アッパー: Edelrid 8001 / 050 / 070 / 090 / 130 (unsheathed aramid)

ミドル: Edelrid 8001 / 050 / 070 / 090 / 130 / 190 (unsheathed aramid)

メイン/ ブレーク: Edelrid 8001 090 / 130 / 190 / 230 / 280 / 340 (unsheathed aramid)


グライダーカラー グライダーカラー グライダーカラー


Inner bag

Compression strap

GIN stickers

Repair kit


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