Camino 2
Camino 2
Camino 2

Camino 2

Embrace the wilderness

The Camino 2 is crafted to explore big, wild spaces — enabling you to be nimble on the ground and graceful in the sky.

The Camino 2 will suit pilots who not only like to fly far, but who also love adventure, whether that’s hike ‘n‘ fly, vol biv’ or who simply prefer the handling characteristics of lightweight wings. It offers an alluring blend of easy take-off, smooth and co-ordinated handling and 2 liner performance.


サイズ XXS XS S M L
展開面積 (m2) 19.53 21.20 23.00 24.90 26.90
展開スパン (m) 11.09 11.56 12.04 12.53 13.02
展開アスペクト 6.3 6.3 6.3 6.3 6.3
投影面積 (m2) 16.58 17.99 19.52 21.11 22.83
投影スパン (m) 8.93 9.31 9.69 10.08 10.48
投影アスペクト 4.81 4.81 4.81 4.81 4.81
Chord (m) 2.14 2.27 2.32 2.41 2.51
セル数 65 65 65 65 65
機体重量 (kg) 3.09* 3.34* 3.60* 3.96* 4.15*
飛行重量 (kg) 60-75 75-90 85-100 95-110 105-125

* Weight with light Dyneema risers. Regular risers: add 200g

The Wave Leading Edge comes to the lightweight sports class

The Camino 2 introduces our Wave Leading Edge technology to pilots of lightweight sports class 2 liners. Inspired by the tubercles of the humpback whale, the technology has been realised in paragliders through the “GIN LAB”, a wind tunnel project run by Gin Gliders in collaboration with Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology in South Korea. By delaying the separation point, the technology increases the performance at high angles of attack, giving a better sink rate at low speeds along with a more delayed and progressive stall.

Superior inflation and take-off

Thanks to its characteristic profile and light construction, the Camino 2 is simple to inflate on take-off and comes up above the head with no shooting in all wind conditions. It can be held comfortably above the head even in just a breath of wind, giving you an advantage on tricky take-offs.

Climbing like never before

The combination of the airfoil and light construction makes the Camino 2 an informative yet well-balanced glider that gives you climbing superpowers! It has a compact feel and the Wave Leading Edge facilitates low speed performance and control, helping you manoeuvre smoothly into the best lift, every time.

An exquisite feeling

The coherent information through the brakes and the canopy helps not only with thermalling but also with feeling out those lifty lines. With true 2 liner rear riser control, you can let the wing fly with just gentle guiding.

Effortless gliding

The inherent pitch stability of the airfoil and reduced inertia of the light fabric means efficient gliding on bar, leaving you free to concentrate on finding the next thermal. The wing quickly accelerates and the travel is relatively long, giving a high maximum speed. The leading edge remains clean when accelerated thanks to the panel shaping and also short strings in the middle of each cell.

Light and compact

Small diameter Nitinol rods maintain the profile shape in the air and combined with lightweight materials and construction, enable a very compact folding and packing. The Camino 2 can be packed with our compress bag and Genie x-lite cocoon harness into our 80L x-lite rucksack giving a total pack weight of around 10kg.


Designer Gin Seok Song explains the philosophy of the Camino 2

“The main goal was to build on the success of the Bonanza 3, our first 2 liner C wing, by offering a lightweight version for pilots who prefer a lighter, more compact package or just simply the general handling characteristics of lighter wings. The design concept was not to push to the absolute limits of the “C” category, but to make a real XC wing, highly accessible to most good XC pilots whilst still offering great performance.

Besides the lighter fabrics, the nitinol rods greatly improve the packing volume and lightness. Thanks to the lightness, the Camino 2 has easier take-off behaviour, lighter brake pressures, a more direct feeling on the brakes and transmits the airmass movements slightly more. We were also able to increase the top speed by increasing the speed bar range.

Overall, it’s one of our favourite wings for long XCs."



  • Optimised profile with Wave Leading Edge Technology (WLE) for increased performance at high angles of attack
  • 2 risers for true rear riser steering
  • Speed system with 20mm Allen pulleys
  • Nitinol rods for lightness and compact packing
  • Lightweight Porcher fabrics (34g leading edge, 27g top and bottom surface)
  • Unsheathed aramid lines with optimised diameters
  • Additional dyneema risers also available (200g weight saving)



アッパーサーフェースリーディングエッジ: Porcher Skytex, 34 g/m²

アッパーサーフェース:: Porcher Skytex, 27 g/m²

Lower surface: Porcher Skytex, 27 g/m²


アッパー: Edelrid 8001-050 / 070 / 090 (unsheathed aramid)

ミドル: Edelrid 8001-050 / 070 / 090 / 130 / 190 (unsheathed aramid)

メイン/ ブレーク: Edelrid 8001-090/ 130 / 190 / 230 / 280 / 340 (unsheathed aramid), GIN TGL 180


グライダーカラー グライダーカラー


Inner bag

Compression strap

GIN stickers

Repair kit


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Explorer 2

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