Safari and Boomerang X: Safety Notice

We have found that the brake lines on some Safari tandem and Boomerang X paragliders may wear prematurely. The probable cause is interaction between the brake line and the metal swivel. In the worst case, the brake line may fail in flight.

We will be sending a replacement brake line kit to GIN distributors immediately. Owners of all Safari and Boomerang X paragliders are asked to inspect their brake lines for signs of wear or damage to the outer sheathing, and contact their GIN dealer for a replacement brake line kit. The kit consists of a set of plastic barrels and replacement lower brake lines. The plastic barrel is fed through the swivel and the brake line is then fitted in the normal way.

Until the replacement brake line kit is fitted, pilots flying the Safari or Boomerang X should take extra care to inspect the brake lines for signs of wear, and avoid any extreme manoeuvres. In the unlikely event that a brake line fails in flight, pilots are reminded that the glider can be controlled using the rear risers.