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Latest Safety Notices

Safety notice: G-lite rescue parachute

Owners of the G-lite rescue parachute should read this critical safety notice

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Safety notice: Switch 2 harness

Owners of the Switch 2 harness should read this critical safety notice

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Featured news

Timo Leonetti goes big in Brazil

Team pilot Timo Leonetti is currently in Brazil chasing records.

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Asian Tour in Myungyeong, South Korea

After winning the Korean PWC, Martin Jovanoski again took victory

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218km from Iquique to Arica

On September 5th 2022, team pilot Zion completed a landmark flight.

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Martin Jovanoski wins PWC Gochang, South Korea

Martin Jovanoski came out top in the beautiful setting of Gochang and Hadong

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Catalan Championship

Team pilot Sergi Claret reports from the Catalan championship

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Timo Leonetti wins XContest 2022

Congratulations to Timo Leonetti for winning the XContest 2022 at only 19 years old!

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