Timo Leonetti

France | Team pilot since 2022

Timo Leonetti - Team pilot

Timo is already an XContest champion - at only 19 years old. He was born in Corsica and is really a chick that has fallen out of the nest. His parents have a paragliding school and he started flying at only 8 years old. Since then Timo has progressed rapidly. He won the Contest 21/22 with six FAI triangles over 300km, as well as several flights over 500km in Brazil.

Notable achievements

  • 1st World XContest Open 2022
  • 569km turnpoint flight in Brazil (556km straight)

When did you start paragliding?

In 2010 I made my first little flights on the dunes in Brazil and in 2013 my first solo flight in Corsica.

What is your current material?

GIN Boomerang 12 SM with Genie Race 4 and Leopard XS with Genie Lite 3 (also Fuse 3 41)

How many flights do you have?


What is your longest flight?

569km over 3 points and 556km straight from Tacima, Brazil.

What is your flying weight?

101kg with the Boom, 84kg with the Leopard

Link to your XContest flights:


What inspires you to fly in the GIN team?

I like GIN paragliders and I think GIN is now making good progress on profile development.

What are your latest/best results?

World XContest winner 2022, FAI triangle declared and speed world record, french record straight and over 3 points.

What are your objectives for next two years?

To get into some paragliding competitions and to chase paragliding world records.

Do you have Instagram ? YouTube ?

Yes, Instagram @timoleonetti and YouTube: search for “Timo Leonetti”


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