Frank Brown

Brazil | Team pilot since 2001

Frank Brown - Competition / cross country pilot

Frankie Brown is not only one of our longest serving team pilots, but he is a true paragliding legend in Brazil. He won the Brazilian Nationals a dozen times, set several world records and has achieved several podium places in international competitions. Frankie is also a competition organizer and does many paragliding clinics and workshops all across the country.

Notable achievements

  • 4 FAI World Records
  • 12 times Brasiliam Champion
  • 9th overall World Championships 2019 Macedonia
  • 2nd FAI 2003 portugal
  • Second Superfinal Valadares 2014
  • FAI ranking first in 2007

When did you start paragliding?

1993, hang gliding since 1981

What is your current material (glider, harness)?

Boomerang 11, Genie Race

How many flights do you have?

Good question, it seems I’ve spent all my life in the air…

What is your longest flight? 515Km (World record)

What is your flying weight?


Link to your XContest flights: ( search for “frankbrown”)

What inspires you to fly in the GIN team?

The Gin team has the real soul of a team, I had the opportunity all these years to be very close to Mr Gin Seok Song and all pilots that flew in the team. I admire a lot the company and the people that build and are still building Gin Gliders. For me the people in the team are the most important reason to be in the team. And also the equipment has great performance, design, durability!

What are your objectives for the next two years?

Superfinal Mexico top 10, World record 2023 610 Km Brasil, National Champion 2023. Also I will make some images flying from important places here were I live, this will produce a lot of visibility on social media.

Do you have Instagram, Youtube? etc?

Instagram: @frankbrown70, Youtube: frankbrown70


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