Martin Jovanoski wins PWC Gochang, South Korea

What a stunning week. For many of the pilots it was their first World Cup and what a debut they made. It was a competition in the country of Gin Gliders - and the Boom 12 proved to be the best glider.

For many, it was their first visit to Korea. The eel restaurants, kimchi, and wardrobes that doubled up as washing machines, lived up to expectations. The competition both started and ended on a high, with a stunning banquet of local cuisine.

The scenery of rice terraces and views from Hadong launch across to the islands that dot the south coast of South Korea, filled pilot’s posts on social media.

The organisation here in Gochang has been fantastic. A big thank you to Gin Seok Song and all his team at the Korean Paragliding Association for organising such a safe and successful competition.

Many congratulations to the undisputed winner of this competition, Martin Jovanoski. He won two tasks and came fifth in the third. Violeta Jimenez won the ladies rankings.

The team competition was very close with one point separating the top two teams, both being made up of GIN pilots. In first place: Parapente Mag - Yongtae Ahn, Chikyong Ha, Seyong Jung, Jeonghwan Park. In Second Place: Gin Gliders - Torsten Siegel, Tim Bollinger, Martin Jovanoski, Manuel Quintanilla.

Full results via the PWCA website