Which low EN B wing?

If you’re a leisure pilot flying less than fifty hours a year, a “low EN B” wing could be the most suitable wing for you. This category of wing offers a high level of passive safety and forgiving handling. When your wing inspires you with confidence, even big XC’s are possible. You may even find yourself performing better on this kind of wing, as you can focus more on the terrain and clouds and worry less about controlling your wing.

Gin Gliders offers 2 different wings in this category, the Atlas 2 and the Calypso. Which should you choose?

The most obvious difference is that the Calypso is a light glider whereas the Atlas 2 is a classic glider. Naturally, the Calypso is lighter and more compact to carry, whereas the Atlas 2 is more durable, especially if you fly on rocky terrain.

Besides this, there are many subtle differences. The 2 wings have different profiles, aspect ratios, line layouts, internal structures…all these factors contribute to each wing’s character.

In short, the Atlas 2 is a solid, dependable partner whereas the Calypso is more playful and agile.

For a detailed technical comparison, please download this PDF.

Finally, we always recommend a thorough test flight as the “feel” of a wing is probably the most important aspect to consider. It’s impossible to accurately assess the suitability of a wing just by comparing paper specs or other people’s impressions – so much depends on the synergy between yourself and your wing. Your harness can have a huge influence too — make sure you test any wing with a familiar harness that’s appropriate for your level and also correctly adjusted. If in doubt consult a professional!