Michael Sigel wins XContest 2019

Michael Sigel has won the worldwide XContest (Open Class) for the second year running. 

Michael topped the ranking thanks to some extraordinary flights in Brazil (551km and 515km) and 2 big FAI triangles in Fiesch at the end of August on the Leopard.

Michael reports: “While I had made some extraordinary flights in Brazil (551km and 515km), I missed most of the good days in the Alps because of competitions. Finally at the end of August we got some good weather again and I was in the right place.

On the 26.8 I made a 278km FAI triangle in Fiesch, followed by a 226km FAI flight on the 30.8. I used the Leopard on both flights. This glider is a true XC machine. It is super stable, very fast and easy to fly. For me it is the perfect choice for long flights!”

Thanks to Adrian Seitz and Michael Sigel for the photos.