Safety notice for Gingo 3 harness rescue container: update

Further to our previous safety notice of 09/03/2016, we have also issued a safety update consisting of a foam pad. All Gingo 3 owners must insert the foam pad inside the rescue container, as shown in the photos, before their next flight.

PROBLEM: With some rescue / harness combinations the rescue may twist during deployment and become stuck inside the rescue compartment.

SOLUTION: Insert a triangular foam piece (provided at no cost from your GIN dealer) into the space at the front of the rescue compartment. This ensures easy, smooth and reliable rescue deployment at all angles of pull for the widest possible range of rescue parachutes.

IMPORTANT: We would like to take this opportunity to remind all pilots to always perform a compatibility check (including test deployment) on all first installations of rescue / harness combinations. In addition, Gingo 3 pilots should also inspect their harness as detailed in the previous safety notice of 09/03/2016

Gingo 3 harness rescue container instructions