Clicklock and T-lock Buckles Safety Notice

The DHV (German Hangglider Association) has recently published safety bulletins about the Charly Finsterwalder CLICKLOCK and T-Lock chest strap buckles used by many paragliding manufacturers.

As a result, a safety notice is issued for the Genie race 1, Genie 2, Genie 3, Genie 4 and Genie XO harnesses which use the HSi69 T-Lock buckle. These harnesses should not be flown until further notice. We are in contact with Charly Finsterwalder for a solution.

We are pleased to inform you that none of our current harnesses are affected.

In light of the recent safety notice, we would also like to take this opportunity to note that the useable lifetime of all our harnesses is 10 years. We would also like to remind pilots of the importance of pre-flight checks. In particular, pilots should always make sure that all buckles are properly closed and secure.

Safe and happy flights,

GIN Team

Finsterwalder buckle