Yeti convertible 2
Yeti convertible 2
Yeti convertible 2
Yeti convertible 2
Yeti convertible 2

Yeti convertible 2

Maximum comfort and convenience

The Yeti convertible 2 is a lightweight reversible harness with split legs. It is ideal for hike ‘n fly, para-alpinism, travel, and soaring. The harness features new advancements in lightweight materials combined with a geometry carefully optimized for maximum comfort and usability.

Specifiche tecniche

Taglie S M L
Altezza del pilota (cm) 160-175 170-185 >180
Peso delle sellette (kg) 1.32 1.36 1.54

Quoted weight excluding removable helmet holder, speedbar, carabiners and optional airbag.

Volume of rucksack: 40L

Extra comfort on the ground and in the air

The Yeti convertible 2 features a redesigned rucksack, which offers an improved load distribution — around 30/70 between shoulders and waist. Comfort features have also been added to the harness, yet the weight remains a compact 1.8kg.

Improved airbag

The new airbag has been designed with an integrated rescue compartment that can be used with all GIN lightweight rescues. The front air intake improves inflation and the internal structure of the airbag helps to reduce impact forces and maximise efficiency. The new titanium wire structure improves pre-inflation and is resistant to bending or retaining improper shape, making packing easier and flying safer.

Part of the Yeti lightweight system

The Yeti convertible 2 is part of a versatile system that covers all your lightweight needs. For greater protection, simply add the optional airbag with rescue compartment. Finally, add a Yeti paraglider and you’re good to go!

Caratteristiche tecniche della selletta

  • split legs geometry
  • lateral strap adjustment
  • shoulder attachment points and tunnel for optional rescue bridle
  • adjustable volume of back pocket
  • lateral straps to adjust seat angle
  • manual buckles on chest and leg straps
  • 12mm kevlar / 25mm dyneema webbing
  • certified EN 1651
  • detachable airbag (500g)
  • Caratteristiche tecniche dello Zaino

  • mesh side pocket
  • ergonomic back support
  • mesh material on shoulder straps and hip belt for breathability
  • external side compression straps
  • attachments for walking poles, crampons, ice axe etc.
  • external helmet holder
  • chest strap
  • Guida alle taglie

    Incluso con la tua selletta

    Grivel carabiners Yeti speed bar


    Automatic aluminium carabiners have a limited lifetime due to metal fatigue. They must be replaced after 5 years or 500 flight hours, whichever is soonest. They should never be used between spreaders and tandem wing risers as main carabiners. They should also never be used to connect bridles to the reserve.