Gingo 4
Gingo 4
Gingo 4

Gingo 4

The best of both worlds

The Gingo 4 is an all-round harness with a revolutionary new back protector, which means a 26% weight saving over its predecessor. With the new Aerobean protector, pilots can enjoy the best of both worlds: the lightness of an airbag harness with the robust protection of a moussebag.

In addition, improved geometry and a host of other improvements make this a compelling proposition for students, leisure pilots and indeed anyone who prefer the precision of a seat board and doesn't require a cocoon.

Specifiche tecniche

Taglie XS S M L XL
Altezza del pilota (cm) <165 160-175 170-185 180-190 >185
Peso delle sellette (kg) 3.02 3.05 3.27 3.50 3.75

Aerobean protector

The Aerobean protector is our lightest non-airbag protector yet. The Aerobean protector in the Gingo 4 weighs just 457g. Despite the light weight and modest profile, all-round protection in a variety of real-world scenarios remains excellent.

Improved geometry

The Gingo 4 features an updated geometry which enables sweet and precise turning. Information from the air is filtered in a highly intelligible manner. In conjunction with the wing, stability in turbulence is improved.

Abs system

The latest generation of GIN’s proven ABS system offers greater stability both in rough air and also after collapses. The ABS system is optimised for today’s glider designs and features an anti-forget buckle system.

Gin melange

The main body of the harness is made from an exclusive 70D mélange — a light, durable nylon/polyester fabric that also maintains its cosmetic appeal even when dusty or scratched.

Bias bound seams

Internal seams are finished with bias binding to guarantee your harness a long lifetime.

Clean and comfortable

3D shaping, simulation and testing have produced the cleanest, most wrinkle-free profile possible. Besides looking good, comfort is also improved.

Improved rescue pocket

Easy extraction and secure stowage of the rescue remains of paramount importance and the rescue pocket of the Gingo 4 has been improved compared to its predecessor. There is also a zipped rescue tunnel for easy closing and prevention of installation errors.


Dettagli tecnici

  • Innovative Aerobean protector (patent pending)
  • New ABS system with anti-forget buckle system
  • Colour coded regulation straps (red to shorten, black to lengthen) and carabiner loops
  • Zipped rescue tunnel for easy closing, clean shape and prevention of mistakes
  • Speed system with elastic retainers for ease of use
  • G-chute pocket with shackle
  • Side pocket with elastic closing (right)
  • Side pocket with zippered closing (left)
  • Back pocket with zippered pocket and radio pocket
  • Seat plate

Incluso con la tua selletta

GIN 30mm carabiners Rescue bridle  Classic speed bar


Automatic aluminium carabiners have a limited lifetime due to metal fatigue. They must be replaced after 5 years or 500 flight hours, whichever is soonest. They should never be used between spreaders and tandem wing risers as main carabiners. They should also never be used to connect bridles to the reserve.