Carve 2
Carve 2
Carve 2

Carve 2

Feel the freedom

The Carve 2 is a freestyle wing that has been tuned to perfection. It’s a lively, playful wing that will always react in a precise and predictable way — giving you the freedom to focus on your moves.

The Carve 2 is aimed at intermediate to advanced pilots looking to practice freestyle, acrobatics, proximity or slalom based manoeuvres.

Spécifications techniques

Taille 18 20 22 24
Surface à plat (m2) 18.00 20.00 22.00 24.00
Envergure à plat (m) 10.22 10.77 11.30 11.80
Allongement à plat 5.8 5.8 5.8 5.8
Surface projetée (m2) 15.39 17.10 18.81 20.51
Envergure projetée (m) 8.21 8.66 9.08 9.49
Corde (m) 2.18 2.29 2.41 2.51
Nombre de cellules 58 58 58 58
Poids de la voile (kg) 4.7 5.0 5.4 5.7
Poids en vol (paramoteur) (kg) 65-110 75-120 85-130 95-140
Certification (paramoteur) (kg) DGAC DGAC DGAC DGAC

A bundle of energy and fun

Playful and responsive, the Carve 2 loves to be flown at high wing loadings. Its dynamic character makes it easy to develop energetic manoeuvres and it’s also aerodynamically efficient with a wide speed range.

2D Steering

Advanced pilots will appreciate the control options provided by the 2D steering: depending on your speed and the turn you would like to make, you can either pull down the centre of the glider or only the wing tip.

Super stable, super simple

Take off is surprisingly simple for such an advanced wing, the wing comes up in a progressive manner and the pilot is quickly airborne. The wing is smooth and well-damped in the air, particularly at speed. Landing is similarly easy, and is even controllable on the brakes with trim open.

Updated riser

The Carve 2 riser has been simplified and upgraded to improve ergonomics. There’s a new trim handle, which can be magnetically stowed both above and below the trim buckle. The trimmer is marked in 25% increments and there’s a light stopper. The brake webbing is elasticated and features a Harken pulley for extra smooth operation.

Le concepteur a la parole

Designer Gin Seok Song explains the development process of the Carve 2:

The Carve 2 is aimed at pilots who are getting into freestyle, acrobatics, proximity or slalom based manoeuvres. It’s always a challenge to produce a dynamic, lively wing that can satisfy even advanced pilots, whilst also being smooth and well-damped enough for intermediate pilots.

Détails techniques

  • high efficiency reflex airfoil
  • advanced 2D-steering system
  • double hang-point risers suitable for all types of suspension systems
  • colour-coded lines for easy identification
  • highest quality materials used throughout ensure maximum durability



Bord d’attaque extrados: Myungjin Textile 40 g/m²

Principal extrados: Myungjin Textile 32 g/m²

Principal intrados: Myungjin Textile 32 g/m²


Hautes: Edelrid 8001-050 | 070 | 090 | 190

Intermédiaires: Edelrid 8001-070 | 090 | 130

Basses: Edelrid 8001-130 | 190 | 230 | 340


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