Safety notice: Carve 2 and Falcon 2 PPG wings

During a high G manoeuvre at high wing loading on a well-used Carve 2 #20, the trim webbing failed. The pilot successfully deployed their reserve. The webbing failed at the point of attachment to a square metal buckle.

Gin Gliders have decided to supply a replacement riser for all Carve 2 and Falcon 2 models. The replacement riser features a 20mm carabiner instead of the square metal buckle, a more robust dyneema webbing for the trim webbing and 20mm webbing for the back up material.

Pilots should refrain from flying these gliders and contact their GIN dealer or importer to arrange to have the replacement riser fitted.

Pilots should also be reminded to be extra vigilant during their pre-flight checks, particularly before flying high G manoeuvres at high wing loadings.

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