Fuse 3
Fuse 3
Fuse 3
Fuse 3

Fuse 3

Great just got even better

The Fuse 3 is a tandem paraglider for professionals who demand maximum efficiency, reliability and also flying pleasure.

The Fuse 2 was our most successful tandem ever, and the Fuse 3 builds on this platform. Notable improvements are an enhanced big ears control system and even more durable fabric yet in a lighter package:

As with the Fuse 2, the trim settings and wide weight range offer versatility for light pilots and passengers. The wing can also be flown solo.

Technical Specifications

Size 37 41 44
Flat area (m2) 37 41.15 43.97
Flat span (m) 14.07 14.84 15.34
Flat aspect ratio 5.35 5.35 5.35
Projected area (m2) 31.34 34.86 37.27
Projected span (m) 11.08 11.69 12.1
Projected aspect ratio 3.92 3.92 3.92
Chord (m) 3.23 3.41 3.53
Number of cells 49 49 49
Glider weight (kg) 6.5 7.2 7.55
Weight range (kg) 90-190 90-220 120-239
Certification EN B EN B EN B

Building on success

The Fuse 3 retains, and even improves slightly, all the characteristics that made the Fuse 2 so well liked among professional tandem pilots. Easy inflation, great energy retention, useful practical trim settings, precise handling and useful performance in climbing and gliding.

Durable, yet light

A workhorse wing like the Fuse needs to be durable, yet pilots are used to the in-air and on-ground advantages of lighter wings. For this reason, GIN was motivated to develop a new PU-based composite coating fabric in partnership with Korean fabric manufacturer Myungjin. After years of development and over 2 years of field testing, this fabric has proved to be very durable despite a relatively light weight.

Innovative big ears system

Thanks to feedback from various professional tandem pilots in France, the Fuse 3 features a new big ear system on the risers. This makes it much easier and faster to pull and release the big ears. Besides, the pilot can still use the brakes to steer the glider, useful, for example, to control the glide ratio on top landings.

Now available in size #44

A new size #44 is now available to fully cover the needs of the most demanding professional tandem pilots. In very light conditions or on difficult take-offs, the larger size can extend your window of operation, especially with heavier passengers.

Designer notes

Test pilot Tim Bollinger explains the philosophy behind the Fuse3:

“The Fuse 2 was our most successful tandem ever and has gained a big fan base in the professional tandem business all over the world, thanks to it being both easy to use and a pleasure to fly. That made it really challenging for us to improve this glider even more, especially as everyone was totally happy with the predecessor. But after one year of development and extensive testing in Korea, France and Switzerland we were finally happy with the new Fuse 3.

The Fuse series has always been known for its excellent take-off abilities in all conditions, its good performance and precise, playful handling. It was important to keep these qualities whilst introducing some new developments.

On the Fuse 3, we introduce a brand new fabric developed by GIN with Myungjin. It offers an extraordinary weight-to-durability ratio and is the result of over two years of testing and development all over the world in different conditions. Its coating is a PU- based composite, which makes it extremely durable, despite being lighter than the fabric we were using on the Fuse 2.

Although Myungjin is new to paragliding, they have many years’ experience in airsports fabrics for rescue parachutes. As a Korean company, close collaboration with Gin Gliders was a natural move. Myunjin have long been developing a new PU-based composite coating. After years of successful laboratory tests and extensive testing of the new fabric on various prototypes all over the world, we are happy. The Myungjin, MJ40MF (40 g) and MJ32MF (32 g) have shown excellent porosity and strength test results both in the laboratory, and also under real conditions.

We believe the fabric offers a real advantage on a glider like the Fuse 3, as tandem gliders are inherently exposed to abrasion and wear on take off, landing and repetitive packing.

With the new fabric being also lighter, the wing weighs in at 7.2kg, making the Fuse 3 one of the lightest everyday tandems on the market. This lightness makes the wing both compact on the ground and agile in the air.

We also worked a lot on the trimming of the brakes. Brake pressure has slightly decreased, and the handling is even more agile now. While you do not feel any difference in calm air, you have more control over the glider in rough air and you can turn tighter, making use of even small bubbles. The new brake setting helps also on the landing and increases the energy retention on the flair, which was already very good in the Fuse 2.

Based on the feedback from various professional tandem pilots in France we introduced a new big ear system on the risers. Now it is much easier and faster to pull and release the big ears. In addition to that, the pilot can still use the brakes and steer the glider. This especially helps on tricky top landings as the glide ratio can be easily adjusted.

We also took care to make the trimmers easy to change. Although we use the best available material on our trimmers, there is always some wear after extensive use. It is now possible to replace the trimmer webbing in just a few steps.

Overall we’re very happy with the Fuse 3 and hope tandem pilots will be too!”



  • Optimized airfoil with Equalized Pressure Technology (EPT) for stability, handling and performance
  • Exclusive new fabric developed by GIN and Myungjin offers outstanding durability with light weight
  • Fully sheathed Edelrid lines for the best compromise of durability and performance
  • Thin profile improves take-off and reduces material weight
  • Line and riser layout optimized for big ears (large area of A3 and split A-riser)
  • Clamp cleat system to lock big ears in place
  • Long trimmers (11cm) enable greater penetration, for example in strong valley winds. The slightly negative and large positive trimmers allows you to adjust the speed over the whole weight range.
  • Easy trimmer operation thanks to pulleys on the riser.
  • Supplied with 20mm riser (706g). 12mm Kevlar risers (532g) are available as an option.
  • Supplied with spreader bars (hard, 760g ea.). Supple (soft, 183g ea.) spreaders are available as an option.

A full range of GIN accessories designed for use with the Fuse are available: harnesses, rescues, etc.


Canopy cloth

Upper surface leading edge: Myungjin, MJ40MF 40g

Upper surface: Myungjin, MJ32MF 32g

Lower surface: Myungjin, MJ32MF 32g

Colours (sizes 37 & 41)

Colours Colours Colours

Colours (size 44 only)


Included with your glider

Inner bag

Inner bag

Spreader bars

Spreader bars

Tandem carabiners

Tandem carabiners

Compression strap

GIN stickers

Repair kit


EN test report


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