Safari pilot 3
Safari pilot 3
Safari pilot 3
Safari pilot 3
Safari pilot 3
Safari pilot 3

Safari pilot 3

Make work easy

The Safari pilot 3 aims to make work as easy as possible for professional tandem pilots. It's a split-leg harness that's compact, light, durable and super comfortable in flight. It's also packed full of safety features.

Technical Specifications

Size one size
Pilot height (cm) 170-190
Weight of harness (kg) 2.8
Rescue container volume (cm3) 11000
Rescue bridle length (mm) 1790 x2
Certification EN/LTF/CE

Harness weight excludes GoPro pocket weight (100g)

Perfect pilot position

We put a lot of effort into finding the best pilot position in terms of piloting efficacy, balance and stability of the pilot/passenger unit. The “lay front” position offers great control and visibilty, but is still inclined sufficiently to offer great support.

Comfort: second to none

The harness offers first class support of the whole of the back — there are no pressure points. The result is no back pain even working all day, everyday. The adjustments are carefully thought out, and have been purposefully limited to preserve the comfort and stability of the harness.

Low packed volume

Despite being a fully featured working tool, the Safari pilot 3 is compact and easy to pack, thanks to the design and material choices. It also packs especially well with the Safari passenger 3.

High durability, low weight

Durable does not have to mean heavy. Our well proven 210D Rosetta fabric provides a long lifetime of heavy use and naturally resists dust and dirt.

Stable in flight

A more stable position means more comfort for the passenger and more fun for the pilot. The split-leg design also aids stability and makes the harness easy to manoeuvre on the ground and easy to get into after take-off.

Packed with safety features

Buckles are Edelrid triple lock: simple to open and close, yet impossible to open accidentally. Even if the release button is accidentally pressed, the snap fastener remains hooked into the frame. The back protector has been upgraded to our Aerobean protector (22cm), which offers the best protection for the lowest weight. The rescue bridle tunnel is fully enclosed even on the spreader, which prevents the rescue maillons moving around.

Convenient storage and pockets

Storage and pockets have been carefully considered in conjunction with the Safari passenger 3 harness. The pilot harness has ample storage for a fast packing rucksack or bag, whereas the passenger harness has a large storage capacity in the back pocket to store the passenger’s personal belongings (e.g. shoes). This back pocket also features several mesh compartments, which can be accessed by the pilot in flight. These can be used to store spare batteries, SD cards etc. Externally, there is a detachable pocket for a selfie stick and/ or GoPro and side pockets to store other small items, such as a phone.

Perfect partners

The Safari pilot 3 has been designed alongside the Safari passenger 3 and the new spreader bars, offering a compelling package for professional tandem pilots.

Built to last

A reinforced skid guard on the bottom of the airbag offers protection against wear and tear and can be easily removed and replaced if it becomes worn or damaged.

Removable back protection

The back protector can be removed via an easily accessible zip, and the space used as additional storage pocket.

Designer notes

Designer Ho Woong Lee explains the philosophy behind the Safari 3 pilot and passenger harnesses:

“The goal with these harnesses was to make everything as easy as possible for working tandem pilots. We took a lot of feedback from pilots all over the world and spent considerable time using the prototypes in real conditions.

One of the most satisfying remarks from pilots was how comfortable the harnesses are to sit in and how the geometry and hang position is great for comfort, security and stability. Pilots can really work all day, every day without fatigue or discomfort.

The passenger also has a better flight too. The stability of the harnesses is well suited to more sensitive passengers and the balanced landing position makes it easier to achieve a gentle touch down.

We also paid a lot of attention to achieving compact packing and long term durability, and there are lots of small touches to improve ease-of-use and security. Overall we believe these harnesses will prove to be exactly what many professionals are looking for.”



  • Split leg design
  • 22cm Aerobean protector
  • Dorsal rescue container
  • Edelrid triple lock buckles for extra security
  • 2 rescue bridles included
  • Optional spreader bars
  • Dedicated pocket for action cam etc. (detachable)
  • 2 zipped side pockets
  • EN and LTF certified

Type of practice



Automatic aluminium carabiners have a limited lifetime due to metal fatigue. They must be replaced after 5 years or 500 flight hours, whichever is soonest. They should never be used between spreaders and tandem wing risers as main carabiners. They should also never be used to connect bridles to the reserve.




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