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Born to climb

The Evora can take you to the places you dreamed of. It's a wing that always stays soft and gentle, even when the air around you doesn't.

Talented beginners and established leisure pilots alike will appreciate the unique qualities of the Evora. Its well-balanced turn, combined with a surprisingly efficient glide, means it's a wing that can be your perfect companion for a long time.

Technische Daten

Grössen XXS XS S M L XL
ausgelegte Fläche (m2) 21.54 23.45 25.45 27.53 29.68 31.92
ausgelegte Spannweite (m) 10.69 11.15 11.61 12.08 12.54 13.01
ausgelegte Streckung 5.3 5.3 5.3 5.3 5.3 5.3
projizierte Fläche (m2) 18.53 20.17 21.90 23.68 25.53 27.45
projizierte Spannweite (m) 8.52 8.89 9.26 9.63 10.00 10.37
projizierte Streckung 3.92 3.92 3.92 3.92 3.92 3.92
Flügeltiefe (m) 2.53 2.64 2.75 2.86 2.97 3.08
Anzahl Zellen 51 51 51 51 51 51
Gleitschirmgewicht (kg) 4.2 4.5 4.7 5.0 5.3 5.65
Empfohlener Gewichtsbereich (kg) 55-75 65-85 75-95 85-105 100-120 115-135
Zulassung EN B EN B EN B EN B EN B EN B

Climbing: the name of the game

The Evora is so gentle and well-balanced in the turn that climbing can easily become second nature. Thanks to the new, optimised planform, the turn is also relatively flat and efficient. It's much easier to follow moving thermal cores when your wing has a natural tendency to remain steady. Don't be surprised to find yourself top of the stack!

Gin Gliders Evora

Forgiving but still fun

The Evora strikes a perfect balance between forgiving over-enthusiastic brake inputs and being responsive to subtler inputs, such as when you want to change the bank angle in a turn. The simple line concept and brake layout also helps the wing pull around smartly when required.

Gin Gliders Evora

Stable at speed

The inherent pitch stability of the Evora is not only good for easy take-offs, efficient glides and entering or leaving thermals without brake. It is ideal for learning how to glide confidently with the speed bar. For pilots wishing to progress to C-riser control, an optional smart riser can be added when you are ready. The riser comes with a control toggle and a Harken pulley for extra smooth operation.

Gin Gliders Evora

So smooth

Internally stitched mini-ribs ensure that the trailing edge remains aerodynamically clean and there's no chance of external sewing snagging on rough take-offs. The ripstop re-enforcements have also been removed to prevent any potential issues.

Gin Gliders Evora


Designer Torsten Siegel explains the development of the Evora:

“With the Evora, we spent a lot of time optimising the planform and line concept for more efficient climbs and better-balanced turns. We wanted a wing that would be undemanding for relatively inexperienced pilots, yet at the same time offer more than enough performance for the category — besides being lots of fun to fly!

It was not an easy wishlist, but we think we achieved it! This is a wing that really bridges the gap between school gliders and the highest performaing B wings like the Explorer series. The development took place across several continents with pilots of differing levels and the feedback was remarkably consistent: the Evora is a gentle, well=balanced wing with super-nice handling and very respectable allround performance.”


Technische Details

  • Myungjin semi-light fabrics offer high porosity resistance
  • 3 risers / 3 lines spanwise
  • Well considered mix of sheathed and unsheathed lines with carefully optimised diameters
  • Standard 12mm easy-handling risers or optional additional riser with C riser steering system
  • Mini ribs on the trailing edge with internal stitching



Obersegel Eintrittskannte: Myungjin MJ40 MF

Obersegel: Myungjin MJ32 MF

Untersegel: Myungjin MJ32 MF


Oben: Dyneema | PPSL65 | PPSL 120 | PPSL 160

Mitte: Dyneema | PPSL 120

Stammleinen: Dyneema | PPSL 200 | 350 | GIN TGL220


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Ripstop tape



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