Verso 3

The travel all-in-one

The Verso is a lightweight reversible airbag harness with a unique combination of features: a highly effective airbag with seat plate, underseat rescue and double-skin surface with innovative zipper system.

It’s ideal for leisure pilots, hike ‘n fly pilots and travellers, yet is comfortable enough to be used on long cross-country flights and also has good safety features. Since its introduction, the Verso has been one of the best selling harnesses in its class. This 3rd generation stays true to the original but features improvements over its predecessor in several areas:

Technische Daten

Grössen XS S M L XL
Grösse des Piloten (cm) <165 160-175 170-185 180-190 >185
Gewicht (kg) 3.4 3.6 3.9 4.2 4.4
Volumen des Rucksacks (L) 84 89 95 101 104

New ABS system

New ABS system offers greater stability both in rough air and also after collapses.

Reduced weight, increased durability

Thanks to lighter but more durable materials and a more efficient construction, we have managed to reduce the weight of the Verso 3 by 600g compared to the Verso 2.

Double-skin rucksack

The unique double-skin feature protects the harness when used in rucksack mode. You don’t have to worry about damaging your harness at the airport or on the trail.

Easy closing, time after time

The Verso 3 features a unique packing system. The lateral zipper is easier to close and has a longer lifetime due to the reduced strain. In addition, the load is divided into 2 compartments.

Front airbag inlet

The front air inlet enhances durability, ensures smoother inflation and is more aerodynamic

Ergonomic back support

Ergonomic back with foam padding for hike ‘n fly comfort.

New GIN melange

The main body of the harness is made from a new 70D mélange — a light, durable nylon/polyester fabric that also maintains its cosmetic appeal even when dusty or scratched.

Bias bound seams

Internal seams are finished with bias binding to guarantee your harness a long lifetime.


Technische Details: Wendegurtzeug

  • New ABS system with anti-forget buckle system
  • Highly effective pre-inflation system
  • G-chute pocket with shackle
  • Colour coded regulation straps (red for shorten, black for lengthen) and carabiner loops
  • Zipped rescue tunnel for easy closing, clean shape and prevention of mistakes
  • Side pocket with elastic closing
  • Technische Details: Rucksack

  • 85L capacity (M size)
  • Reinforced back
  • Double zipper closure system
  • Lighter but more durable water repellent main fabric also maintains its cosmetic appeal even when dusty or scratched
  • Bottom part reinforced by 210D baby ripstop - Water bottle holder with zipper
  • Chest and waist strap
  • 3 side pockets
  • 1 front pocket
  • 1 big side pocket
  • Reflector panel

  • Lieferumfang

    GIN 30mm carabiners Rescue bridle  Classic speed bar


    Die Automatikkarabiner aus Aluminium haben eine begrenzte Lebensdauer: Nach spätestens 5 Jahren bzw. max. 500 Flugstunden müssen sie getauscht werden. Sie sollten nicht als Hauptkarabiner zwischen Tandemspreizen und Tandemschirm-Tragegurten zum Einsatz kommen. Auch zur Verbindung des Rettungssystems dürfen sie nicht verwendet werden.


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