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2015 Paragliding World Cup - Ager, Spain — Meet Yoann Chavanne

03/09/2015 :::

The consistency with which the French competition pilot development machine produces top notch pilots is astounding. Year after year, fresh new French faces grace the competition scene with unlikely performances against all of the best pilots in the business.

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2015 Paragliding World Cup - Ager, Spain Task 2

02/09/2015 :::

Task 2 - Cloud Base and Beyond!

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2015 Paragliding World Cup - Ager, Spain Task 1

02/09/2015 :::

The GIN team is in Ager, Spain. This picturesque town in Catalonia has attracted many of the very best pilots in the world with its promise of long balmy days and formidable ridges designed for racing of the highest order.

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GIN team pilots on the podium at the Czech, Slovak and Polish open, Macedonia

04/08/2015 :::

The reliable Macedonian weather produced 5 good tasks last week at the Czech, Slovak and Polish open. The winner of the sport category—and a GIN Carrera—was Stan Radzikowski. 

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GIN pilots dominate the podiums in South Africa

16/07/2015 :::

It was a successful week for Gin Gliders in South Africa during the annual winter cat 2 SA Open competition held in Barberton last week.

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A great start for GIN pilots at the World Cup in Montalegre, Portugal

16/07/2015 :::

GIN pilots got off to the best possible start this week at the World Cup in Portugal on their Boomerang 10’s. Yoann Chavanne won the first task and Idris Birch won the second task—just 23 seconds ahead of fellow GIN factory test pilot Moonseob Lim. After 4 tasks, the GIN team have slipped slightly to 2nd place, with several GIN pilots battling hard in the top 20 overall. The conditions have been excellent with light winds and classic convergence lines. There’s sure to be some exciting racing to come!

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GIN Wide Open off to a flying start

07/07/2015 :::

A competition and event aimed at stress-free flying in a friendly and fun environment, the GIN Wide Open is taking place this year in Tolmin, Slovenia.

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GIN Boomerangs 1, 2 in the Ali Dagi Open, Turkey

01/07/2015 :::

Congratulations to Shahin Fallah of Iran for winning the Ali Dagi Open on his Boomerang 10. GIN Turkish importer Semih Sayir was 2nd. Shahin flew consistently well as pilots battled with the less-than-ideal weather. Well done, Shahin!

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On the road in the UK with photographer Jerome Maupoint

30/04/2015 :::

"Thanks to the magic of RASP forecasts and the interpretations of all my expert friends, I've had an amazing week of 5 star-rated flying days. After a pretty long drive from Annecy towards Glencoe, Scotland it started on the slopes of the White Corries for a 70+ kms triangle around Glen Etive and the loch.

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2015 Paragliding World Cup - Baixo Guandu, Brazil: Task 7 report

18/04/2015 :::

Torsten Siegel reports on the final task from Brazil—which ended in the 6th GIN task win in a row!

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