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World Cup 2014 Serra da Estrela, Portugal Task 4.4

29/06/2014 :::

The Azinha launch was chosen for the westerly forecast and relatively low base day. It is possible to launch earlier from this there so we were able to put in a quick task in the flat-lands to the east in order to escape the westerly winds which were expected to strengthen during the day.

20140731 th

World Cup 2014 Krushevo,Macedonia

29/06/2014 :::

Congratulations to the GIN team pilots—1st team in the PWC Macedonia!!!
The team were Martin JOVANOSKI, Franz ERLACHER, Semih SAYIR & Renata KUHNOVA (flying a Carrera ;-) ).

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World Cup 2014 Serra da Estrela, Portugal Task 4.3

27/06/2014 :::

The Linhares launch was selected for the third task. The forecast was good with light westerly winds and a moderate cloud base around 2,000m rising to about 2,500m later. A slightly more challenging task was set to the north east over 75km which proved to be too much for more than half the field landing along the way. There were fewer than fifty in goal with a good number of Gin pilots showing up.

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World Cup 2014 Serra da Estrela, Portugal Task 4.2

26/06/2014 :::

A good call by the organisers made for a lovely day of flying seventy five kilometers to the south east under a gorgeous sky. Cool moist air was trapped on the Celorico side of the mountains so we raced up to Azinha again where healthy cumulus clouds and a reasonable cloud base provided the entertainment. The start caused a few problems for some as we had to cross over a blue hole and wait on the north side of a ridge. Not everyone managed to get to cloud base but two main groups separated by about 2km converged to the course line favouring the cloud streets. It was clear altitude was important today so the highest pilots dominated the race. Semi Sayir led the Gin fleet today racing hard out front from the beginning.

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World Cup 2014 Serra da Estrela, Portugal Task 4.1

24/06/2014 :::

The world cup has arrived in the rustic town of Celorico da Beira in Portugal for the penultimate event on the 2014 calendar. True to form a terrible weather forecast accompanied our arrival.

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World Cup 2014 Mina Clavero, Argentina: Comp report

10/03/2014 :::

The weather in Argentina produced some tricky conditions with several days lost due to strong winds and rain. The GIN team pilots were Aaron Durogati, Adrian Hachen and Russell Achterberg. Adrian had taken the overall lead after winning task 3, but both pilots then came unstuck in task 4 in the fickle conditions on launch. In the end, Aaron managed 5th overall. 

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Rafal Luckos 1974-2014

04/02/2014 :::

Petra Slívová writes in memory of a great pilot and friend:

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World Cup Superfinal 2013 Brazil, Official GIN statement

28/01/2014 :::

Thanks and well done to all GIN team pilots for battling so hard in Brazil under difficult circumstances. In light of the controversy surrounding the EnZo2 from Ozone, we issue the following statement:

20140125 th

World Cup Superfinal 2013 Brazil, Task 9

25/01/2014 :::

The day turned into another epic battle with a long but simple task set down-wind as the task committee erred on the side of caution in the face of the moderate wind forecast. The pace was electric with the grand looking sky inhabited by potent cumulus and inviting cloud streets. The leaders completed the ninety-odd kilometer task in a little over two hours. 

20140124 th

World Cup Superfinal 2013 Brazil, Task 8

24/01/2014 :::

The grueling three hour task wreaked havoc with the field leaving downed pilots dotted around the entire course. The first third of the race was a stuttering affair with some shadow and light lift before the day switched on properly.

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