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The Carrera is a performance wing that offers sporty handling and real-world performance in a highly accessible package.

Who is it for?

Due to advances in technology, the Carrera has a broad appeal. Experienced thermal/XC pilots—"weekend warriors"—will benefit the most from choosing the Carrera. The Carrera replaces the Tribe (EN C) in our paraglider range.

Equalized Pressure Technology (EPT) from the Boomerang 9 and Atlas

The Carrera shares its DNA with both the Boomerang 9 (competition class) and the Atlas (easy intermediate class). EPT, our own numerical method of calculating the best possible airfoil parameters for any given profile, has led to improvements in inflation/re-inflation behaviour, climb, and stability in turbulence and at speed. As a result, we have been able to increase performance by increasing the aspect ratio of the wing, but without sacrificing handling and stability. For a wide range of suitably experienced pilots, we believe the Carrera will hit the "sweet spot", combining performance, handling and safety in a compact and sporty package.

Effortless efficiency

Everything about the Carrera is designed with maximum efficiency in mind. Attention to detail during design and manufacture has resulted in an exceptionally clean sail. The wing inflates with the gentlest of pulls and settles above the head with the minimum of pilot input. The handling is precise and progressive with a "gentle-but-firm" feel, ideal for long thermalling flights. The wing gives informative feedback in thermals and transitions, helping you pick the best lines. Yet at the same time, it damps out turbulence very effectively, allowing you to concentrate on your next move. Acceleration is smooth and progressive due in part to split A and C risers, helping you glide to the next thermal as efficiently as possible.

Designed for true performance

Compared to other wings of similar performance, the Carrera offers an extra safety margin when conditions become challenging. So you never need miss anything the day has to offer. With the Carrera, our goal was to create a wing in a class of its own. We believe we succeeded—please try it and see for yourself!

Technical details

- Optimized airfoil with Equalized Pressure Technology (EPT) for stability and performance

- Fully unsheathed lines (except brake lines)
Besides the clear performance benefits, unsheathed Aramid lines have the advantage of dimensional stability and give a sportier feel in flight. 

- 3 risers (split A's and split C's)
The Carrera riser produces an exceptionally smooth and efficient acceleration. The split A risers also enable easy big ears.

- Optimized plastic re-inforcements
Plastic wing re-inforcements provide a more homogenous and stable feeling in flight. They are beneficial in turbulence, and help re-opening behaviour in rare cases of collapse. Different diameter rods are used at different parts of the sail according to the loading.

- Optimized internal construction and line attachment points to maintain even sail tension

- Mini-ribs on the trailing edge improve handling and performance

- Kickdown speed system with Ronstan pulleys

- Gathering (reefing) system on the trailing edge


Canopy cloth

Top surface: Porcher Skytex 38 Universal 9017 E25, 38 g/m2

Bottom surface: Porcher Skytex 38 Universal 9017 E25, 38 g/m2

Ribs: Porcher Skytex 40 Hard 9017 E29, 40 g/m2 


Main/Middle/Upper: Edelrid 8000-050, 070, 090, 130, 190, 230, 280

Brake: Liros PPSL275

Technical Specifications


 FLAT  AREA 21.58m2 23.50m2 25.50m2 27.60m2 30.01m2
 SPAN 11.57m 12.07m 12.60m 13.08m 13.64m
 A.R 6.2 6.2 6.2 6.2 6.2
 PROJECTED  AREA 18.44m2 20.08m2 21.8m2 23.6m2 25.63m2
 SPAN 9.36m 9.77m 10.17m 10.60m 11.03m
 A.R 4.75 4.75 4.75 4.75 4.75
 CELL NUMBER 59 59 59 59 59
 GLIDER WEIGHT * 4.9kg 5.1kg 5.6kg 5.9kg 6.3kg
 WEIGHT IN FLIGHT 65-85kg 75-95kg 85-105kg 95-115kg 110-130kg

* - estimated/planned


Carrera XS only

Included with your glider

Repair kitInner bagAccessories bagStickersVelcro strap

SIV / Safety training with the Carrera

Perform any SIV / safety training with care. Due to the advanced design features of the paraglider, collapses incorrectly induced by the pilot may have more significant consequences than collapses which may occur in the course of normal flight (due to to turbulence etc.). In particular, full speed asymmetric collapses performed incorrectly may result in unpredictable collapse behaviour and impulsive re-opening. This may require considerable pilot skill to manage safely.

A cross line was used for the certification of the Carrera. A cross line is a single line going from one riser to any position on an opposite A-line or A-line attachment point. Cross lines are used to help the test pilot to collapse the canopy asymmetrically at a specific place in the leading edge and with a specific kink angle. EN tests specify a collapse of 75% of the leading edge, 45 degrees kink angle. Without a cross line, the high impulse and pulling force which is needed to induce such a collapse may result in a larger collapse and/or kink angle than was intended by the pilot.

Please contact your local GIN dealer if you have any questions regarding the Carrera cross line: http://gingliders.com/company/distributors/

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