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20160919 fb

GIN at the 43rd Coupe Icare

19/09/2016 :::

The GIN team will once again be at the Coupe Icare at St. Hilaire du Touvet-Lumbin in France. The 43rd Coupe Icare takes place from 22nd to 25th September 2016 – we hope to see you there!

20160909 01

Falcon reviewed in Paramotor 3/2016: one of the most interesting releases of 2016

09/09/2016 :::

The German magazine Paramotor recently reviewed the Falcon, our latest reflex PPG wing for intermediate to advanced pilots.

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A historic adventure: Antoine Girard tops 8000m in Pakistan

05/09/2016 :::

This summer Antoine Girard took his GIN GTO2 on a solo 1260km vol biv in Pakistan, described by vol biv legend Brad Sander as "the most impressive trip ever". The highlight of the trip was soaring to 8157m over the 8051m Broad Peak using thermals above the clouds for the first time ever on a paraglider.

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Podium places for GIN athletes in the X-Pyr

22/07/2016 :::

In the X-Pyr, GIN athletes Standa Mayer and Aaron Durogati took 2nd and 3rd places behind winner Chrigel Maurer. The top 3 managed to pull away from the rest of the field, who became pinned back by less favourable flying condititons. 

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Wins worldwide for GIN pilots

10/05/2016 :::

Last weekend GIN pilots topped podiums on 3 continents:

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The GIN GLIDERS Carrera plus XC challenge

19/04/2016 :::

The Carrera / Carrera+ pilot who makes the highest-scoring XC flight during the 2016 XC season (01/01/2016-30/09/2016) now has the chance to win a GIN harness.

20160418 fb

2016 PWC - Castello, Brazil: GIN Team 1st

18/04/2016 :::

Frank Brown and Torsten Siegel report from Brazil...

20151211 fb

Introducing the Yeti Cross square rescue parachute

11/12/2015 :::

The Yeti Cross is a new lightweight square rescue parachute from Gin Gliders. The rescue offers fast opening time, rapid stabilization and reliability.

20151206 fb

AS (Aerospace Standard) and ISO approval for GIN

06/12/2015 :::

We are proud to announce that our manufacturing facilities were recently certified by Lloyds Register LRQA (UK) to AS9100C (Aerospace standard) and ISO 9001:2008. AS9100C is a rigorous standard with strict measures for product conformity.

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World Cup India: win for GIN!

02/11/2015 :::

The World cup in India was a fantastic event held in incredible surroundings. The icing on the cake was a double victory for Gin Gliders. Michael Küffer won the individual title and the GIN team of Aaron Durogati, Idris Birch, Petra Slivova and Torsten Siegel topped the team ranking.

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