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20140624 th

New video—Plastic rods and glider packing: information and advice

24/06/2014 :::

Designer and test pilot Torsten Siegel explains the technology behind the plastic rods used in GIN wings and how to take care of your glider by concertina packing using the new GIN concertina bag.

20140602 th

Atlas X-Alps certified and in production

02/06/2014 :::

The Atlas X-Alps—the light version of the Atlas—is here. Aimed at intermediate pilots looking for a light and compact wing, the Atlas X-Alps is around 1kg lighter than the Atlas with improved flying characteristics all-round. S, M and L sizes are in production and will be shipped to GIN distributors starting from next week.

20140116b th

Official Carrera video online

16/01/2014 :::

The Carrera is already a big hit among experienced XC pilots. GIN factory pilots Aaron Durogati and Michael Sigel present our new sports performance glider in the official video—watch it here.

20140112 th

Good news for Canadian pilots!

12/01/2014 :::

Gin Gliders Inc. is pleased to announce a new distributor for Canada. Fly Gin Canada is a partnership between Torsten Siegel and Brett Hazlett.

20131206 th

Carrera now certified and in production in 4 sizes

05/12/2013 :::

The Carrera, our new XC performance wing replacing the Tribe in our range, offers experienced pilots an alluring blend of handling, performance and accessibility. Sizes XS, S, M and L are now all certified (EN B) and in production. The XL is expected to follow in early spring.

20131119 th

Rescue installation advice for GIN Gingo airlite

19/11/2013 :::

Gin Gliders have become aware of that in certain test scenarios, deployment of a rescue parachute can become more difficult than in the static scenario used in the certification process. This is especially so with customers using non-Gin Gliders rescues with larger packing volumes.

20131113b th

Boomerang 9 M – a reminder for maintenance inspections

13/11/2013 :::

Boomerang 9 M pilots who have flown their wings during this season should take note that the Boomerang 9 must be inspected by a qualified professional every 100 hours or every 12 months, whichever comes sooner.

20131113 th

Boomerang 9 S and L passes EN D flight tests!

13/11/2013 :::

After months of intense testing and development, Gin Gliders are pleased to announce that the Boomerang 9 has passed EN-D flight tests in 2 additional sizes: S and L. Lighter and heavier pilots can now enjoy the benefits of flying the best-performing certified competition wing currently available on the market.

20130619 th

Official Atlas video

19/06/2013 :::

Watch the official Atlas video to discover how Equalized Pressure Technology) is making the Atlas a new benchmark in safety, handling and performance in the easy intermediate (EN B) class.

20130103 th

New Touch-tech glove

15/02/2013 :::

The new GIN Touch-tech glove is an ideal all-round paragliding glove for warmer conditions. The Conductive PU technology woven into the polyester palm makes it easy to use touch-screen devices and the tough nylon shell keeps out the wind. With the increased dexterity of the Touch-tech glove you can easily operate all your instruments and better feel the air through your brake lines.

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