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World Cup Switzerland: Double victory for Gin Gliders

14/08/2015 :::

The World cup in Disentis, Switzerland has finished with a double victory for Gin Gliders.

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Happy days for Swiss GIN pilots!

11/08/2015 :::

GIN pilots made the most of the classic XC weather last week in the Swiss alps. Firstly, Urs Schönauer placed 3rd in the Swiss championships. Then the following day, several pilots made big XC flights.

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X-Alps: 5 out of 5 GIN athletes in Monaco!

17/07/2015 :::

Finally it's over. The X-Alps 2015 was the most exciting edition ever, with day after day of high quality XC racing and gruelling hiking. So many athletes gave outstanding performances, with record number of athletes reaching goal in Monaco.

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Joanna Di Grigoli: 1st at the British Open on the GTO2

15/07/2015 :::

Congratulations to Joanna Di Grigoli, 1st woman and 20th overall at the British Open in Macedonia. Julian Robertson also earned a spot on the podium on his Boomerang 10. In total there were 3 GIN pilots in the top 5 and 8 in the top 20. Well done to all!

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GIN Wide Open 2015, Tolmin

13/07/2015 :::

The GIN Wide Open 2015 was the most successful yet, with 5 tasks flown out of the 6 days. Several happy pilots reached a competition goal for the first time and enjoyed the evening programme of task de-briefs, lectures and social events.

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Important notice for GIN Combi container owners

08/07/2015 :::

Pilots with GIN Combi containers purchased after June 2014 are advised to contact their GIN distributor for a replacement rescue handle (free of charge).

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Pegasus: Engineered to take you far

18/06/2015 :::

We are proud to introduce the Pegasus—the first pure GIN wing designed specifically for paramotoring, a wing engineered to optimise safety, comfort and handling.

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Important notice for Genie Race 3 owners

05/06/2015 :::

A pilot reported that the main rescue bridle failed at the shoulder connection points following a rescue parachute deployment.

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GTO2 XS and Dyneema riser

28/04/2015 :::

The GTO2 is now certified and available in size XS. The wing is ideal for smaller performance-orientated XC pilots and will be flown by GIN 2015 X-Alps competitors. A lightweight Dyneema riser is also available as an option.

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GIN 2015 Catalogue

31/03/2015 :::

Browse our 2015 product range and read GIN athlete Will Gadd's inspirational piece on why we are the luckiest humans that ever lived.

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