20131119 th

Rescue installation advice for GIN Gingo airlite

19/11/2013 :::

Gin Gliders have become aware of that in certain test scenarios, deployment of a rescue parachute can become more difficult than in the static scenario used in the certification process. This is especially so with customers using non-Gin Gliders rescues with larger packing volumes.

20131113b th

Boomerang 9 M – a reminder for maintenance inspections

13/11/2013 :::

Boomerang 9 M pilots who have flown their wings during this season should take note that the Boomerang 9 must be inspected by a qualified professional every 100 hours or every 12 months, whichever comes sooner.

20131113 th

Boomerang 9 S and L passes EN D flight tests!

13/11/2013 :::

After months of intense testing and development, Gin Gliders are pleased to announce that the Boomerang 9 has passed EN-D flight tests in 2 additional sizes: S and L. Lighter and heavier pilots can now enjoy the benefits of flying the best-performing certified competition wing currently available on the market.

20131023 th

Robert Blum wins German XC League on the GIN Boomerang 9

23/10/2013 :::

Congratualtions to Robert Blum on winning the overall German DHV XC league. Robert completed 3 big FAI triangles on his Boomerang 9. His most memorable flight was not the longest, as Robert reports:

20131016 th

3 wins out of 3!

16/10/2013 :::

Looking back over the summer, GIN World Cup pilots Adrian Hachen and Michael Maurer took a break from flying their Boomerang 9's and jumped on the Rage, our competition acro glider. They entered the synchro category in three Acro World Cup competitions as the Spälti Acro Team—and won them all! Congratulations!

20130826 th

Boomerang 9 sweeps the podium at the Canadian Nationals

26/08/2013 :::

Boomerang 9 pilots swept the podium at the Canadian Nationals, held on August 18-24th at Mont Yamaska flying site, just east of just east of Montreal QC. 1st was Brett Hazlett followed by Torsten Siegel and James Bradley.

20130819 th

4 out of 4 World Cup wins in 2013 for the GIN Boomerang 9!

19/08/2013 :::

The success story of the Boomerang 9 has continued with a win at PWC Serbia for Maxime Bellemin. Thanks and congratulations, Maxime!

20130705 th

X-Alps 2013: follow the GIN athletes live

05/07/2013 :::

X-Alps 2013 is about to begin, and with a strong GIN team on the starting line we are sure to see some exciting racing over the next several days. 31 athletes from 21 countries will battle their way over 1000km across the Alps from Salzburg to Monaco.

20130701 th2

Another World Cup win for the GIN Boomerang 9

01/07/2013 :::

Old school star Richard Gallon has won the Paragliding World Cup in Val Louron, France—on his GIN Boomerang 9.

20130630 th

4 GIN Boomerangs in the top 5 at the Rat Race, Oregon, USA

30/06/2013 :::

The GIN Boomerang 9 took 4 of the top 5 places at the Rat Race—the biggest annual event on the US calendar. GIN test pilot Michael Sigel was the overall winner.

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