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Another World Cup win for the GIN Boomerang 9

01/07/2013 :::

Old school star Richard Gallon has won the Paragliding World Cup in Val Louron, France—on his GIN Boomerang 9.

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4 GIN Boomerangs in the top 5 at the Rat Race, Oregon, USA

30/06/2013 :::

The GIN Boomerang 9 took 4 of the top 5 places at the Rat Race—the biggest annual event on the US calendar. GIN test pilot Michael Sigel was the overall winner.

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Introducing the GIN X-Alps equipment

26/06/2013 :::

Our 2013 X-Alps athletes are busy preparing for the race with their new GIN equipment. Ogi, Aaron, Pil Pyo, Victor and Shoichiro will all be flying the new Boomerang X-Alps wing.

20130624 th

412km on the GIN Tribe!

24/06/2013 :::

On 20/06/2013, Ukrainian pilot Mike Goncharov-Goryanskiy flew 412km on the GIN Tribe. This is the longest ever flight in Europe—congratulations, Mike!

20130620 th

GIN pilots on top in the US Nationals

20/06/2013 :::

Josh Cohn and Eric Reed took 1st and 2nd at the US Nationals on their Boomerang 9's. Congratulations!

20130619 th

Official Atlas video

19/06/2013 :::

Watch the official Atlas video to discover how Equalized Pressure Technology) is making the Atlas a new benchmark in safety, handling and performance in the easy intermediate (EN B) class.

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GIN Wide Open Meduno: Petra wins on the GIN Atlas

27/05/2013 :::

The GIN Wide Open is a new international competition aimed at developing pilot skills in a fun, supportive environment and bringing together people from all over the world.

20130503 th

New developments at Gin Gliders

03/05/2013 :::

This spring has seen some personnel changes in the GIN R&D team. Torsten Siegel has joined Gin Seok Song to work as designer and test pilot with the R&D team in Europe and Korea.

20130430 th

New National paragliding record: 161km on the Atlas in South Korea

30/04/2013 :::

On 21st April, Kang Hyuk Lim flew 161km on the GIN Atlas, the longest ever paragliding flight on the Korean peninsular.

20130425 th

World Cup Brazil: GIN Boomerang 9's 1st and 2nd

25/04/2013 :::

Congratulations to Michael Sigel and Adrian Hachen, 1st and 2nd in the Paragliding World Cup Brazil in Baixo Guandu. Conditions during the competition were weak and the battle for the top places was fierce. Overall, 7 Boomerang 9's placed in the top 10. 

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