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Important notice for GIN Combi container owners

08/07/2015 :::

Pilots with GIN Combi containers purchased after June 2014 are advised to contact their GIN distributor for a replacement rescue handle (free of charge).

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Pegasus: Engineered to take you far

18/06/2015 :::

We are proud to introduce the Pegasus—the first pure GIN wing designed specifically for paramotoring, a wing engineered to optimise safety, comfort and handling.

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Important notice for Genie Race 3 owners

05/06/2015 :::

A pilot reported that the main rescue bridle failed at the shoulder connection points following a rescue parachute deployment.

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GTO2 XS and Dyneema riser

28/04/2015 :::

The GTO2 is now certified and available in size XS. The wing is ideal for smaller performance-orientated XC pilots and will be flown by GIN 2015 X-Alps competitors. A lightweight Dyneema riser is also available as an option.

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GIN 2015 Catalogue

31/03/2015 :::

Browse our 2015 product range and read GIN athlete Will Gadd's inspirational piece on why we are the luckiest humans that ever lived.

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12/03/2015 :::

The Carrera+ is an upgrade of the Carrera. The wing retains its class-leading performance, yet is even more comfortable and easy to manage in active air.

20150223 th

The new Gingo Airlite

23/02/2015 :::

The new Gingo Airlite is a high quality, versatile airbag harness with seat plate and underseat rescue container. Suitable for beginners, leisure and XC pilots, the Gingo Airlite offers an ideal blend of security, comfort and convenience. One of the lightest harnesses of its type, the compact and lightweight package weighs around 3.5kg.

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GIN pilots on the podium at the 14th FAI World Championships

29/01/2015 :::

Congratulations to the new world champions Honorin Hamard, Seiko Fukuoka, and team Germany!

20150120 th

Bolero 5: The instinctive choice

20/01/2015 :::

The Bolero 5 is our new entry-level paraglider, for schooling and beyond. Like its predecessor, it provides a solid foundation for pilots to develop an instinctive feeling for the air—in a safe, comfortable and progressive manner.

20141203 th

Rage: Power and control

08/12/2014 :::

The Rage is the GIN acro wing, for advanced acro pilots wishing to perform helicopters, infinity tumblings, Rhythmic and McTwists with the maximum amount of power, control and stability. The Rage gives an incomparable feeling of power through the brake handles and an overall feeling of efficiency.

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